Effective, biodegradable, cost-effective product for the control of rats and mice. Acts between the fifth and tenth day after ingestion, constituting an efficient means for the elimination of rodent pests.

This rodenticide is totally innocuous to man; no accidents have been reported after over 20 years of use. It can be employed in any season, in warehouses, grain silos, cattle farms, industrial facilities, restaurants, touristic resorts, cultivable land, etc.

It efficiently acts on rats and mice between the fifth and the tenth day after ingesting the product, leading to the plague total control. It is effectively used in warehouses, barns, industrial and cattle raising areas, restaurants, tourist resorts, crops and other places.

 This rodenticide is made up by a bacterial culture of Salmonella enteritiditis, Danysz variety, negative lysine fagotite 6A, which is a specific pathogen for rats and mice.

The way it is presented turns it into appropriate bait for rats and mice smell and palate senses and its granulated form stimulates this species to ingest it.

It can be applied at any time of the year and it is recommended to place it preferably in the afternoon at the entrance of caves, paths, corners, building walls and other places where the rats have been observed. It is necessary to avoid the exposure of the product to water currents and sun light.

The dose to put, in each place, can be from 20 to 25 grams at a distance of 3 to 5 meters, and it is applied in a space no longer than 6 months.

BIORAT is now over 20 years of experience in rats and mice control. Due to its characteristics and innocuousness to man and other species, it has been used for the control of epidemic outbreaks of leptospirosis (Nicaragua), bubonic plague (Peru), hemorrhagic fever (Bolivia). On the other hand, its efficiency in reducing losses in crops and barns has been demonstrated and has successfully been used in Vietnam, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Bolivia, country in which health authorities reached a mortality of 99,4 % for these species in a quarter.

The product comes in airtight bags of 250 gr, 500 gr, 1 kg and 4 kg, which should be open only at the moment of application.